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Episode 308: Showdown (Part 2)

In the finale episode of Season 3, Darby must decide whether or not he’ll join his father’s side.

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Episode 307: Showdown (Part 1)

The Rebel Base is under attack and Edith comes face to face with her Imperial past.

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Episode 306: Diplomacy

Darby’s dad might be on board. In order to find him, he escorts around the most “important” person in the galaxy: The Princess.

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Episode 305: Hope Day

It’s Hope Day! Darby and the rest of the crew are joined by Canada’s Colin Mochrie for this special episode of Space Janitors.

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Season 3 Screening with the cast in Toronto

Join us for our official Season 3 Screening event, including the world premier of the finale episode, in Toronto at the Royal Cinema 608 College Street. Join producers and cast for a Q+A session, among other festivities. The event will take place on Friday January 9th at 9pm. Tickets can be purchased for $10 at the door, or reserve in advance by clicking the ticket image below.

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Episode 304: Haunted Heroes

Because of a severe weather warning, the crew plays a game of Haunted Heroes to pass the time. Let the games begin!

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Episode 303: Brain Wormed

It’s Elle’s one year Rebel anniversary day and brings along Pierce, who isn’t Darby’s favorite person in the galaxy.

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