Look at all these cool people going through season 2 scripts.

In just under two weeks we’ll be back in the studio to shoot the second season of Space Janitors. Thanks to everyone for watching our first season rollout on Geek and Sundry and providing such great feedback. It’s fantastic to have the support of the Geek and Sundry team, they’re doing a great job of getting our show out to a wider audience. Please be sure to like us on facebook, share our episodes, and tell your friends about Space Janitors! That’s really the best way to make web TV work and we’re going to need your help to make Space Janitors a success. It’s not an easy show to produce but with enough viewers we can continue to make Space Janitors and other shows of this scope for the web audience.

We’d like to welcome our newest cast member, Helen Johns, who will be faithfully serving the empire aboard it’s flagship station in our second season.



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